Friday, 17 June 2011

Almost a year now since I last posted. So ashamed!! Things have been very busy with Holly's Houses and a new venture I have just set up to create yet more stamps - Bloomfield & Rolfe (watch this space!). Meanwhile here are some more beautiful pics of our lovely Victorian House & Garden to share...

The clock is actually made by another 'Rolfe' - or so it says on the face. Not a relation, as far as we know!

I'm back on the case now. Will post next week with wonderful pics of the cider we made last September from the glut of apples and pears we get every year....and then pics of us drinking it a couple of weeks ago!


  1. Love the little room-porch-thing on the roof. It is a real dear. Thanks for sharing, get back in the grove. Richard from My Old Historic House

  2. Hello Holly

    Your house looks really beautiful and I am impressed by the amaingly large chimney stacks I'm sure you have wonderful fireplaces to match.