Sunday, 7 August 2011

August crop

The heady ambience of the greenhouse: warmed wood, the gentle buzz of a trapped fly, the unmistakeable smell of tomato plants.

Gathering tomotoes for today's family lunch. The sun is in and out, the sky dominated by clouds of varying whites and greys - but when it's blue the colour of the trees and the light on the lawns is so uplifting - a world suddenly lit up by sun.

Monday, 20 June 2011

A weekend in June...

A lovely, long weekend in the garden saw me out, sketch book in hand, drawing, painting, writing, trying to record everything. The vegetable garden in particular looks so appealing at the moment.

The lavender is such a beautiful bright purple; the rain has made everything greener and the red of the old brick path is the perfect backdrop to photographs. It's incredible to see the differing forms of the plants all bursting out brightly together.

Plenty more of this to come...

Friday, 17 June 2011

Almost a year now since I last posted. So ashamed!! Things have been very busy with Holly's Houses and a new venture I have just set up to create yet more stamps - Bloomfield & Rolfe (watch this space!). Meanwhile here are some more beautiful pics of our lovely Victorian House & Garden to share...

The clock is actually made by another 'Rolfe' - or so it says on the face. Not a relation, as far as we know!

I'm back on the case now. Will post next week with wonderful pics of the cider we made last September from the glut of apples and pears we get every year....and then pics of us drinking it a couple of weeks ago!