Sunday, 18 April 2010

The sweet smell of Spring

First come the snowdrops, then the pretty primroses, the carpet of crocii and then bright, jolly Daffs; everywhere the trees are now luminous with the young green of Spring or weighed down with fluffy pink or white blossom against the perfect clear blue sky untainted by vapour trials or glimmering aircraft. Thursday morning and the sky was so quiet the clouds themselves could almost be heard to move and for once I really observed the quiet all-encompassing movement of these giant masses in the sky, swirling in their natural dance through the air, blown by the winds and the high pressure.

Here are some more shots from around the garden as it suddenly bursts into life after the long, cold Winter.

And this year the blossom is spectacular. I read a piece about Blackthorn in The Independent and since then have been spying it's wonderful spindly branches with their look of hoarfrost everywhere. And the cherry blossoms bursting their blooms out on the trees by roadsides in the village and in practically every road and street I look. I feel like Spring has never looked this good.

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  1. Lovely photos! I love your stamps, perhaps I'll order one! :o)
    Kind regards,