Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In Detail: The Drawing Room

The dark winter nights drawing in have meant I haven't been able to crack on with photographing everything as I would have wanted so progress has been slow.

However, I thought I would start recording some of the beautiful details of the house anyway starting with the Drawing Room.
This room is either lit by the bright streaming sun of a winter morning or warmed by lamp or firelight in the evenings so the ambient halflight in these photos evokes all it needs to, shining off the faces of the ladies in the prints and the gilt detailing of their frames.


  1. Holly-

    I love the warmth of all the beautiful textures in your Drawing Room mosaic! Isn't it fun to bring all the beautiful things into one photo, so you can savor them all at once? I makes me want to jump inside each little square. :)


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  3. You have the most incredible house! I was blown away by it's beauty & elegance.

    I love that you are blogging about, so you can share it's uniqueness & character with the majority of the world that haven't been priviledged to visit you at home.