Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Opening my window last Sunday morning Autumn entered with a blast.

Fresh, crisp, chilly air swept into the room and along with it the tang of woodsmoke, the freshness of the last of the green, a sweet vague smell of rotting apples and the taste of a new term, birthdays and bonfire nights.

Mornings like that are my ‘lacrosse mornings’ evoking ‘Back to School’ memories and early risings on Saturdays to stand, stick in hand, in red woollen socks, pleated kilt and an insubstantial t-shirt dashing around a newly hardened, bumpy ground in recently bought football boots warming up through dashes and sprints after the little yellow ball; orange squash, doughnuts and shopping.

The garden is tinged with Autumn; the tree tops dipped in umber, the lawns and furniture glazed with a slight dusting of frost; everything sparkling slightly against a blue sky and bright sun refusing to be moved.

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  1. It seems we like a lot of the same things...
    Old things.

    I like your blog!