Thursday, 13 August 2009

This year the garden was at its absolute best Early to Mid Summer when the Sun was still fresh and it was surprising to see just how beautiful everything looked under this new light.

The Orchard is one of my favourite parts of the garden. Amid memories of reading long into Summer's evenings perched high in fruit trees or nestled secretly amid long grass the vibe of peace and tranquility remains despite the sad loss over the years of many of the fruit trees to various diseases.
Sprightly little upstarts replace the old trees now although one fine tree with rotund crown in the centre of the orchard is bountiful year after year, its 2009 crop redening to russet this very moment and relatively uneaten by wasps.

In the Autumn the Orchard is the place for the Bonfire, coloured lights dancing down the path towards it. In years gone by the branches and twigs sprouting from the bodies of great looming trees would jet out into the flames giving the scene a distinctly Tolkein-like air.
Birthday bonfires meant hot dogs and tomato soup steaming from the kitchen, hot cider infused with cloves and cinnamon; games in the dark under the floodlights; sparklers and screeching rockets, little jets of light; the smell of woodsmoke and gunpowder on the cold air under clear starry skies and the anticipation of it all, the bangs and sputters of other fireworks echoing in the air all around you.

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